Container compressor stations are a good alternative when space for installing compressed air systems is limited

The location of a compressor station is an important issue already at the planning stage of an investment. If it is not possible to designate and organize a compressor room or if construction of a traditional room is not economically justified, Airpol’s Container Compressed Air Station can be used.

Compressed air stations ensure high mobility to the user. We create complete mobile compressors that, thanks to their refined and thought-out design, enable easy transport and installation anywhere. The station can be moved by means of fastenings designed for transport by road, rail or sea. The high degree of mobility also makes it possible to move the compressor station from one location to another and to produce compressed air at any place where it is needed. Transport of a containerised compressed air station is not a logistic challenge so the station can be easily relocated and connected in another part of the plant. The mobile compressor stations offered by Airpol only need to be supplied with electricity and connected to the compressed air installation. Transport and communication routes that may increase the risk of mechanical damage to compressed air equipment due to its close, mutual location will also no longer pose a challenge. It is well known that options that provide flexibility and optimised adaptation to surrounding conditions are the most worthwhile to consider.

Container Compressed Air Stations have many other positive aspects. Undoubtedly, one of them is the complete isolation from excessive noise and vibrations generated by the compression machinery. In addition, excess heat generated by compressors and refrigeration dryers will no longer be a challenge, on the contrary, as a containerised station can enable heat recovery and provide heating, e.g. for production hall rooms in winter. Maintaining the spatial ergonomics of the company, as well as the work safety, comfort and noise control have a positive impact on employee productivity.

The size of a container depends on the type and number of devices installed inside, such as: screw compressors, scroll compressors, boosters, tanks, separators, filters and compressed air dryers. In our standard range you will find compressor stations in three sizes: 10, 20 and 40 feet. We use shipping containers protected against corrosion – coating category C3 or higher – according to ambient conditions. The use of an appropriate heating and ventilation system allows for completely independent operation from the prevailing weather conditions. Continuous temperature measurement, internal heating in winter and a ventilation fan discharging excess heat in summer significantly reduce the likelihood of performance degradation and overheating of the equipment comprising the station.

Mobility is one of the most important advantages of the Container Compressor Station, however, many of the other advantages discussed earlier have made it popular for use in areas where the need for compressed air is continuous, e.g. industrial plants, sewage treatment plants, shipbuilding, but also as a temporary option in opencast mines, drilling sites and construction sites. In addition to the use of new, complete container compressors are often an alternative that allows existing compressor stations to be extended in the event of increased demand for compressed air. The multitude of installation options allows the use of container compressor stations irrespective of the type and size of the respective industrial plant.

All mobile compressor stations are made on the basis of individual customer needs. Call us and get professional help in choosing a unique Airpol Container Compressor Station!