What can we do for you?

Service department

Do you need quick service advice or would you like to schedule a start-up or technical inspection? Perhaps you have any questions regarding the daily operation of your compressors or would you like to entrust us with the overhaul of a long-purchased machine? Please feel free to contact our staff or fill out the contact form.

Maciej Piszczoła

T. +48 61 650 45 82
M. +48 668 031 071

Dawid Michałek

T. +48 61 650 45 89
M. +48 519 849 352

Spare parts department

Original spare parts are a key factor that significantly affects the safety of the compressor in use, its reliability and high performance throughout the entire life cycle. As a manufacturer, we provide spare parts and consumables for our production equipment which you purchased even 20 years ago. Feel free to contact our staff or fill in the contact form above.

Izabela Jasińska

T. +48 61 650 45 60
M. +48 664 934 259

Speed - Reliability - Original Parts

AIRPOL provides full warranty and post-warranty service as well as quick access to original parts and consumables.

The use of original spare parts and carrying out periodical technical inspections recommended by the producer is of great importance for the maintenance of equipment in a proper technical condition and thus, for maintaining its high reliability and efficiency for a long period of use.

Our service is carried out through the factory service and through a developed network of authorised service points both at home and abroad. Airpol customers can count on our technical support throughout the compressor’s lifetime, both during and after the warranty period. During repairs and overhauls, we try to provide a replacement compressor in order to guarantee the customer constant access to compressed air.

Airpol service consultants and a mobile technical service, fully stocked with original spare parts, are available to our customers at any convenient time. Upon the visit of our service technicians, you can count on the full professionalism of the service performed, presentation of a planned schedule of subsequent services, consultancy and training of personnel in the proper operation and necessary maintenance, which also allows for avoidance of costs caused by unplanned downtime.

For the convenience of our Customers, we also sign service agreements. Our factory service ensures that the compressors are fully operational. The customer can count on the necessary and prompt technical assistance at every stage of compressor use and constant access to spare parts.

When buying an oil lubricated screw compressor from Airpol, you can also be sure that the first start-up on the territory of Poland will be carried out by the factory service or an authorized service free of charge, at an agreed time. During the visit the specialist will not only ensure that the compressor is fully prepared for operation, but will also check that it is properly connected to the mains and compressed air installation. The ventilation of the room will also be assessed as proper ventilation is of great importance for the safe operation of the device. The Airpol service staff is always here to help and advise you. It will be happy to train, at the customer’s request, the persons responsible for compressor operation. Our customers can count on our service all over the world. We have a developed network of authorized service points. The list of our partners can be found in the contact tab LINK

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