At the heart of every screw compressor is its screw airend whose efficiency and performance translates the performance of the device throughout its service life. ASU screw airends with an optimized rotor profile were designed by specialists from the Research and Development Department of Airpol. The vast experience and knowledge of compressed air technology gained over several decades, as well as professional, modern technical facilities, allowed us to start the production of Polish screw airends a few years ago. Thus Airpol company joined the small group of world manufacturers of screw airends, confirming that it is a specialist in its branch. Precision of manufacturing, low tolerance of measurement accuracy at every stage of production are the guarantee of high quality and durability of ASU screw airends. Our offer includes screw airends with a wide range of applications, from 7.5 kW up to 110 kW motor compressors, made for the pressure range of 5.5 – 15 bar.

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HIGHEST QUALITY OF WORKMANSHIP - precision of manufacturing and detailed quality control at all stages of production - each finished screw airend subjected to thorough final inspection and testing
WILD RANGE OF APPLICATIONS - can be mounted on the feet or flange - application for all kinds of drives - adapted to the operating mode with a frequency converter
LONG SERVICE LIFE - first regeneration of bearings only after 20,000 ÷ 30,000 operating hours - designed for 24/7 continuous operation
SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE - original ASU screw airend profile ensuring the highest mesh tightness, reducing internal leaks to a minimum - optimised oil injection point – improved inlet channel to minimize flow drops
LOW NOISE AND VIBRATION LEVEL - optimised outlet channel with improved flow characteristics - screw profile for smooth and efficient transfer
DURABILITY AND RELIABILITY - robust and durable design, including properly oversized bearings, ensuring a long service life of the screw stage - compact design with multiple gears available
EASY TO OPERATE - simplified maintenance operations - easy seal removal and replacement.
LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION - specially designed outlet channel to minimise pressure drops - optimised torque characteristics and reduced internal friction.

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