Airpol g series screw compressors are used in headings in underground mines extracting non-ferrous metal ores, where there is no risk of methane explosion. Airpol has designed high-quality compressors, which over the decades have become a source of compressed air in numerous Polish divisions of KGHM Polska Miedź Group.
Their appropriate design and approval for work in mine workings is confirmed by certificates issued by the INOVA Certification Body.
Airpol g compressors are designed for supplying mining machines and equipment with pneumatic drive with air of pressure up to 10 bar and flow up to 820 m3/h. Airpol g screw compressors intended for operation in mine workings not endangered by methane explosion are characterised by full automatic operation, including protection against overload or excessive temperature. An efficient oil separation system ensures low oil content in compressed air (<5 ppm). The compressors are equipped with an air-cooling system and their soundproof casing ensures quiet operation.
Purchasing a compressor from the Polish manufacturer Airpol is not only a guarantee of high quality, but also the availability of spare parts and consumables, as well as full service support throughout the warranty period and beyond.

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Model Max overpressure [MPa] Capacity [m3/h] Air receiver volume [l] Nominal electric motor power [kW]
Airpol K7g 1.0 57 400 7.5
Airpol K11g 1.0 87 400 11
Airpol 22 g 1.0 190 - 22
Airpol 37 g 1.0 320 - 37
Airpol 75 g 1.0 740 - 75
Airpol 90 g 1.0 820 - 90

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