Screw compressors with frequency converters are a solution that combines intelligent control system and energy efficiency of the system. They are designed and manufactured on the basis of innovative technological solutions and top quality materials. Airpol PR screw compressors adapt compressor performance to actual compressed air demand by changing rotational speed, while maintaining network pressure at a constant level. In most industrial plants, demand for compressed air varies over time, which is why the right choice of compressor is so important in order to reduce energy costs and ensure a stable source of compressed air.  Our experts will be happy to assist you in assessing your actual compressed air requirements, taking into account your duty cycle and the required compressed air quality for your application, and propose the most efficient and energy saving solution.

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Model Capacity min – max [m3/h] 0,65 MPa Capacity min – max [m3/h] 0,75 MPa Capacity min – max [m3/h]
0,8 MPa
Capacity min – max [m3/h]
1,0 MPa
Capacity min – max [m3/h]
1,3 MPa
Dimensions (LxWxH) [mm] Nominal motor power [kW]
Airpol PR18 55 - 205 55 - 197 55 - 190 55 - 160 50 - 132 720x1300x1460 18,5
Airpol PR22 54 - 238 54 - 226 54 - 220 54 - 190 52 - 162 720x1300x1460 22
Airpol PR30 90 - 346 90 - 320 90 - 309 90 - 265 77 - 200 1750 x 900 x 1450 30
Airpol PR37 96 - 416 96 - 385 96 - 373 96 - 325 98 - 290 1750 x 900 x 1450 37
Airpol PR45 150 - 502 150 - 465 150 - 454 150 - 420 120 - 350 2000 x 1000 x 1640 45
Airpol PR55 154 - 643 154 - 595 154 - 578 154 - 510 138 - 400 2000 x 1000 x 1640 55

Airpol PR screw compressors equipped with a frequency converter use variable speed drive technology. Our design office specialists have designed compressors with improved energy efficiency that ensure an efficient air system and at the same time reduce energy bills. A special drive used in Airpol PR screw compressors controls compressor speed, which results in:

  • smooth regulation of compressor speed within the range from 20% to 100%,
  • adjustment of compressor capacity to actual consumption of compressed air,
  • energy savings up to 70% in comparison to compressors with traditional control.
    When the demand for compressed air is low, the motor in a variable speed drive screw compressor will run at reduced speed. This will result in lower electricity consumption. The motor frequency of the variable speed compressor will automatically increase when the demand for compressed air increases. This adaptation of compressor operation has measurable benefits in the form of lower electricity costs and less wear on compressor components, which extends compressor service life and reduces maintenance costs.
  • constant network pressure at a preset value
    The frequency converter control system tries to maintain the compressor motor rotation speed so that there is a constant pressure in the compressed air system at a preset value. When the network pressure decreases the inverter increases the rotational speed of the electric motor, which increases the capacity of the compressor, whereas when the pressure increases the rotational speed of the motor decreases.

High quality confirmed 

A durable and reliable compressor is an effect of a perfect design, but also high of quality materials and components. Airpol, using its extensive experience in compressor production gained over 60 years in the pneumatic industry, has developed solutions that combine the highest quality with low operating costs.

The applied ASU screw compression stage with optimised rotor profile, completely designed, manufactured and tested at Airpol, guarantees reliability and high compressor performance throughout its entire service life. Appropriately oversized bearings and low tolerance applied during the entire production process of screw compression stages ensure their durability and long service life. The electric motor with IE3 efficiency class is directly coupled to the screw stage via a flexible coupling. The result is loss-free energy transfer from the electric motor to the screw stage, reduced maintenance costs and high uptime. Inspection at every stage of the compressor production, the high quality components used ensure that the Airpol screw compressor is an investment for years.

Intelligent microprocessor controller AIRPOL POWER CONTROL MS-187 FRQ,  MS-587 FRQ and MS-686

The AIRPOL POWER CONTROL microprocessor controller designed specifically for use with Airpol PR screw compressors ensures efficient operation and safety of the entire system, as well as continuous monitoring of compressor operating parameters.  Extremely easy to use and intuitive, it offers a wide range of options: selection of operation modes, modification of various settings, observation of current compressor parameter values, status of operation time counters, energy consumption and many more. Additionally, in Airpol PR screw compressors designed for pressures up to 10 bar, the Ultra Speed function activation enables the user to independently adjust pressure within the range of 6.5 – 10 bar and thus change compressor capacity. This is particularly beneficial in the case of temporary increased demand for compressed air.


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