Airpol SRT and Airpol SRKT scroll compressors with integrated compressed air treatment systems are designed for users with a small working area and requiring efficient compressed air treatment systems with improved air quality (1.4.1 to ISO 8573.1). The complete absence of oil in the compressed air allows them to be widely used in compressed air systems in industrial sectors where the quality of the compressed air becomes a key criterion for the selection of the device (medicine, pharmaceuticals, food industry, painting, and many others).
These compressors provide a source of air completely free of oil and additionally dried to a pressure dew point temperature of +3°C.
Airpol SRT and Airpol SRKT scroll compressors ensure high quality of compressed air and efficiency adjusted to specific requirements and various applications. Their multi-module design with drive motors ranging from 2.2 kW to 7.5 kW allows selection of an ideal and reliable solution for a given compressed air system.

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Model Capacity [m3/h]
0,8 MPa
Capacity [m3/h]
1,0 MPa
Dimensions (LxWxH) [mm] Air receiver volume [l] Nominal motor power [kW]
Airpol SRKT 2 scroll compressor with dryer and filters 14.4 12 1430x660x1198 240 2.2 (IE3)
Airpol SRKT 4 scroll compressor with dryer and filters 24 20,4 1430x660x1198 240 4 (IE3)
Airpol SRKT 5 scroll compressor with dryer and filters 36 26.4 1920x660x1298 500 5.5 (IE3)
Airpol SRKT 7 scroll compressor with dryer and filters 51 41 1920x660x1298 500 7.5 (IE3)
Airpol SRT 5 scroll compressor with dryer and filters 36 26,4 1250x620x1218 - 5.5 (IE3)
Airpol SRT 7 scroll compressor with dryer and filters 51 41 1250x620x1218 - 7,5 (IE3)
Airpol SRT 11 scroll compressor with dryer and filters 72 52,8 1250x620x1218 - 2x5,5 (IE3)
Airpol SRT 15 scroll compressor with dryer and filters 102 82 1250x620x1218 - 2x7,5 (IE3)

Compressed air free from oil and water
Airpol scroll compressors provide 100% oil-free compressed air. With the scroll stages used, there is no contact between the metal surfaces of the compression scrolls during the compression process, so there is no need for oil lubrication in the compression chamber. This also translates into easier and cheaper operation of the compressor due to elimination of the need to filter compressed air in the form of installing oil filters, separator, which would require periodic replacement. In scroll compressors, the air obtained is completely oil-free.

Integrated compressed air treatment system
Airpol SRT and Airpol SRKT scroll compressors are additionally equipped with a refrigeration dryer and compressed air filters to provide water- and particle-free air of 1.4.1 ISO 8573.1 class. The filtration and drying system consists of:

  • Pre-filter – eliminates 99% of solid particles larger than 3 μm.
  • Refrigerated air dryer – removes moisture from the compressed air to the required dew point of +3ºC. The relative humidity of the air before the dryer, which is 100%, is reduced to just 21%.
  • Fine filter – eliminates 99% of particles larger than 0.01 μm.

Quiet compressor operation
Low sound intensity level of Airpol oil-free scroll compressors results both from low rotational speed of compression scrolls and from the applied sound-proof enclosure. Inside the casing is lined with a sound absorbing material with an estimated sound absorption capacity of 80%. This makes Airpol scroll compressors suitable for installation in virtually any working environment, according to their intended use.

Long service life and reliability
Modern design of the scroll stage means increased service life, lower vibrations of the oil-free scroll compressor and reduced pulsations of compressed air. The scroll compression stage is largely constructed with components that do not move and are completely symmetrical, which has a beneficial effect on balance, low compressor vibration and low noise levels. Compression is continuous, resulting in small pulsations of compressed air. The rotor is mounted on oversized roller bearings to ensure long, reliable operation.

Microprocessor control
The control system based on Siemens microprocessor controller allows for easy and clear monitoring of the compressor status and quick setting of working pressure (within the range of settings permitted by the manufacturer). It ensures a fully safe and automatic operation of the compressor. It protects against, among other things, excessively high temperatures of compressed air, inappropriate parameters of power supply or compressor overload. The controller also enables remote monitoring via a web browser or via a mobile application, which is available for Android and iOS systems. The remote connection gives the possibility to collect some diagnostic information from the controller and allows to view the duplicated operator panel.


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