Airpol T screw compressors are excellent sources of compressed air for both simple applications in small industrial plants and complex dedicated pneumatic systems where dried compressed air is essential.

The need to remove moisture from compressed air is not only a function of the demands of many industrial processes, but also of the entire compressed air network. The integrated air treatment system in Airpol T screw compressors includes a refrigeration dryer and compressed air filters to provide compressed air that is free of moisture at a pressure dew point of + 3°C and largely free of oil and solid particles. This minimises the risk of corrosion damage to machinery, tools and equipment, thereby allows to avoid unexpected process disruptions.

Such compact design of Airpol screw compressor additionally saves space for the unit’s location, eliminates the costs that would be generated by installation components.

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Model Capacity [m3/h]
0,75 MPa
Capacity [m3/h]
1,0 MPa
Capacity [m3/h]
1,3 MPa
Dimensions (LxWxH) [mm] Nominal motor power [kW]
Airpol T 110 1155 1015 850 3750 x 1485 x 2130 110
Airpol T 132 1380 1235 995 4500 x 1600 x 1800 132
Airpol T 160 1800 1475 1360 4500 x 1600 x 1800 160

High quality dried and filtered compressed air

The integrated air treatment ensures high quality process air and thus corrosion protection for the pneumatic equipment and the entire system. At the customer’s special request, we are ready to modify the configuration of filters to obtain air parameters that meet the specific requirements of the technological process.

The refrigerated air dryer and two compressed air filters are located in one casing together with the entire compressor unit. This eliminates the need for additional working space and the expense of installing a treatment system, which includes:

  • Pre-filter for high dust storage capacity (removes 99% of solid and liquid particles larger than 3 μm)
  • Refrigeration dryer – removes moisture from the compressed air up to the required dew point of +3ºC.
  • Fine filter – cartridge made of multilayer dense microfibre (removes 99% of solid particles larger than 1 μm and ensures that the residual oil content behind the filter does not exceed 0.1 mg/m3).

What are the benefits of compressed air drying?

  • extended service life of the connected pneumatic tools,
  • greater certainty of the proper course of the technological process,
  • positive effect on the reliability of compressed air-powered equipment,
  • savings in machine maintenance and servicing costs,
  • reduced risk of corrosion of pneumatic installations,
  • possibility of avoiding unexpected disruptions of production processes,
  • reduced amount of oil condensate requiring disposal,
  • protection of the environment,
  • certainty of compressed air quality in accordance with purity class (2.4.2) in accordance with ISO 8573-1 standard.

Intelligent microprocessor controller AIRPOL POWER CONTROL MS 585

The AIRPOL POWER CONTROL MS 585 microprocessor controller designed specifically for use with Airpol T screw compressors ensures efficient operation and safety of the entire system, as well as continuous monitoring of compressor operating parameters.  Extremely easy to use and intuitive, it offers a wide range of options: selection of operation modes, modification of various settings, observation of current compressor parameter values, status of operation time counters, energy consumption and many more.

High quality 

Airpol T screw compressors combine durability and reliability resulting from excellent design and high quality components. Airpol, using its extensive experience in compressor production gained over 60 years in the pneumatic industry, has developed solutions that combine the highest quality with low operating costs.

The applied ASU screw compression stage with optimised rotor profile, completely designed, manufactured and tested at Airpol, guarantees reliability and high compressor performance throughout its entire service life. Appropriately oversized bearings and adopted low tolerance parameters that we use during the whole process of screw stage production ensure their durability, long service life and high quality.

The electric motor with IE3 efficiency class is directly coupled to the screw stage via a flexible coupling. The result is loss-free energy transfer from the electric motor to the screw stage, reduced maintenance costs and high uptime.

A high-performance radial fan with higher compression ensures effective cooling throughout the entire life of the compressor. The high compression ensures an adequate and uniform flow of the ambient air drawn in through the cooler, even in the case of significant contamination. The fan is driven by a low-speed motor, which significantly reduces the sound emission level of the entire compressor.

Easy operation, low operating costs 

Maintenance and service components are optimally accessible, which reduces service downtime. The design of the compressor, including the hinged and removable door assembly, minimises the required working space.  Daily and service maintenance is simple and service intervals are extended to 3,000 operating hours or a year, reducing investment costs.

Rotary screw compressors from 110 kW to 315 kW with compressed air treatment can also be equipped with a frequency converter. Detailed information about rotary screw compressors from 75 kW with compressed air treatment.


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