Airpol screw boosters are an ideal choice for all industrial enterprises that require high pressure of compressed air. We offer a wide range of ADS series screw boosters that increase the inlet air from a compressor with pressure of 7, 10 or 13 bar up to 40 bar.

Airpol screw boosters with capacities from 250 to 500 m3/h and motor powers from 37 to 55 kW are an ideal choice for applications including PET bottle production, leakage tests of pneumatic and hydraulic equipment and machines, as a starting compressor for large diesel engines, in spraying technology in the wood and glass industry, as a source of control and process air.

Please contact our specialists who will select a booster taking into account the demand for high pressure air and the configuration of the compressed air system you already have or design a complete 40 bar air production and treatment line based on our screw compressors and boosters as well as offered high pressure treatment equipment (dryers and filters). Our comprehensive offer includes high quality, durable equipment at a competitive price.

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Model Overpressure [MPa] Suction pressure [MPa] Capacity [m3/h] Dimensions (LxWxH) [mm] Nominal motor power [kW]
ADS-5 max 4,0 0.7 250 1230 x 1450 x 1720 37
ADS-5 max 4,0 1.3 400 1230 x 1450 x 1720 37
ADS-7 max 4,0 0.7 300 1230 x 1450 x 1720 45
ADS-7 max 4,0 1.0 370 1230 x 1450 x 1720 45
ADS-7 max 4,0 1.3 450 1230 x 1450 x 1720 45
ADS-10 max 4,0 0.7 400 1230 x 1450 x 1720 55
ADS-10 max 4,0 1.0 500 1230 x 1450 x 1720 55
ADS- 10 max 4,0 1.3 600 1230 x 1450 x 1720 55

Airpol screw boosters combine high quality workmanship and durability. They are designed to ensure full readiness for continuous operation under heavy loads.

Oil-injected screw boosters are characterised by high flexibility of operation and thanks to a double oil separation and air after-cooler, they produce high quality compressed air. These units are easy to operate, featuring electronic controllers with an integrated microprocessor and liquid crystal display visualising basic operating parameters and the need for periodic technical inspection. Control and protective sensors combined with the controller system ensure fully automatic and safe operation. Airpol screw boosters are also characterised by low sensitivity to air pressure drops on the supply side. Thanks to the use of sound-absorbing casing and vibration insulators, these boosters are characterised by high comfort of operation without vibrations, which translates into their quiet operation. An additional advantage of the boosters is the possibility of energy recovery in the form of a stream of warm air or hot water (optional design). Furthermore, in addition to the standard idle speed control, it is also possible to use a frequency converter, causing the motor speed to vary according to the current demand for compressed air at any given time. This results in a very large reduction in energy consumption and almost complete reduction of the idle speed of the booster.

Advantages of Airpol screw boosters

  • High quality components and materials
  • Compact design, requiring a small working space for set-up, no need for foundations
  • Low-vibration operation, no shocks
  • Low noise level
  • Designed for continuous 24-hour operation
  • Fully automatic, safe operation, including protection by pressure sensors monitoring inlet and outlet air and oil pressure
  • Clear and easy-to-use microprocessor controller, allowing monitoring of the supercharger status and changing the basic operating parameters within the range permitted by the manufacturer.
  • Pulseless outlet pressure
  • Low maintenance costs and easy access to components
  • Efficient cooling system to prevent overheating of components and thus ensure long service life
  • Heat recovery (option)

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