ADP piston boosters are designed by Airpol to provide durable and reliable equipment for industrial sectors where the key working medium is air compressed to 40 bar.

In compressed air systems, the ADP booster is the second compression stage designed to increase the air pressure from a screw compressor from 8 bar, 10 bar or 12 bar to 40 bar.

Airpol piston boosters with capacities from 90 to 900 m3/h and motor powers from 7.5 to 55 kW are widely used, e.g. in PET bottle production, leakage tests of pneumatic and hydraulic equipment and machines, as a starting compressor for large diesel engines, in spraying technology in the wood and glass industry, as a source of control and process air.

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Model Overpressure [MPa] Suction pressure [MPa] Capacity [m3/h] Nominal motor power [kW]
ADP 7 Piston Booster 2.5 0.7 100 7.5
ADP 7 Piston Booster 2.5 1.0 140 7.5
ADP 7 Piston Booster 3.0 0.7 90 7.5
ADP 7 Piston Booster 3.0 1.0 130 7.5
ADP 15 Piston Booster 3.5 0.8 140 15
ADP 15 Piston Booster 4.0 1.0 180 15
ADP 18 Piston Booster 4.0 1.2 252 18.5
ADP 22 Piston Booster 4.0 1.0 300 22
ADP 45 Piston Booster 4.0 1.0 560 45
ADP 45 Piston Booster 4.0 1.2 670 45
ADP 55 Piston Booster 4.0 1.0 750 55
ADP 55 Piston Booster 4.0 1.2 900 55

Airpol has been designing and manufacturing ADP piston boosters for nearly 20 years. The experience gained and great care taken to product quality translates into a long service life of the equipment. It is worth stressing that in the construction of “V” system high pressure compressors mounted in ADP piston boosters the crankcase is made as a cast iron casting characterized by high durability and the crankshaft is cast in spheroidal cast iron with increased impact strength. Cylinders and heads have been properly ribbed to ensure more intensive heat dissipation, while gaskets in the head-cylinder-crankcase assembly of the O-ring type guarantee high tightness and durability. In order to simplify the periodic maintenance, easy access to the working valves was ensured without the need to remove the heads.

What distinguishes Airpol ADP series boosters?

  • low-speed operation guaranteeing the durability and reliability of the device,
  • two-cylinder single-stage compressor made of high-strength cast iron, suitable for continuous operation 24 hours a day
  • pressurised crankshaft bearing lubrication system to increase durability,
  • after-cooler for low outlet air temperature,
  • automatic operation of the device, requiring no special supervision, microprocessor controller with the possibility of setting the basic parameters of work (within the range permitted by the manufacturer),
  • full protection by pressure sensors monitoring air inlet and outlet pressure and oil pressure,
  • system of operation enabling automatic switching of the device to idle – this relieves the booster before it stops and prevents the occurrence of an excessive number of switching cycles, which increases the durability of the device.

To meet the market demand for higher-capacity high-pressure units, Airpol has designed 45 and 55 kW direct-drive boosters for continuous, heavy-duty operation.

Additional advantages of the ADP 45 and ADP 55 boosters:

    • Energy-efficient direct drive without power transmission losses,
      High-quality, durable and reliable V4.5 single-stage compressor (heavy-duty spherical roller bearings; long service life of the crankshaft by means of a connecting rod; crankshaft slide bearings lubricated by an oil pump under pressure with full control by pressure sensors)
    • Lossless pneumatic valve on air intake, which ensures better idle compensation, preventing excessive oil consumption.
    • Fully automatic operation, quick adaptation of pressure and flow rate to work requirements
    • Low noise level thanks to effective sound insulation and optimum
      Efficient cooling system provided by a highly efficient radial fan and aftercooler
    • Possibility of additional reduction of energy costs – thanks to optimal heat recovery options (mounted inlets)

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