SGR Heat Regenerated Adsorption Dryers are designed for applications where very high flow rates of dried compressed air are required. The purpose of these devices is to separate moisture from compressed air in order to obtain the required degree of drying, expressed by the temperature of the pressure dew point.
Airpol designed SGR series hot regenerated adsorption dryers allow to achieve high quality compressed air with a pressure dew point of -40°C (in standard version). In the case of more stringent compressed air quality requirements, Airpol SGR series dryers can be manufactured in a special version to ensure a pressure dew point in the installation at the level of up to -70°C.

When selecting adsorption dryers, it is worth noting that in SGR dryers, the regeneration of the bed with which the columns are filled takes place by blowing with heated air taken from the environment, which allows to minimize losses of compressed air.

Our specialists will be pleased to help you choose the right type of adsorption dryer which will provide the appropriate amount of dried air and will be the most economical solution for your company.

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Model Air flow [m3/h] Dryer pressure dew point [oC] Quality class in accordance
with ISO 8573.1
Max working pressure [MPa] Dimensions (LxWxH) [mm]
SGR 0300 300 -40 1.2.1 1.0 1200 x1440 x 2190
SGR 0375 375 -40 1.2.1 1.0 1200 x1440 x 2190
SGR 0550 550 -40 1.2.1 1.0 1350 x 1260 x 2290
SGR 0650 650 -40 1.2.1 1.0 1350 x 1260 x 2290
SGR 0850 850 -40 1.2.1 1.0 1600 x 1350 x 2200
SGR 1000 1000 -40 1.2.1 1.0 1600 x 1350 x 2200
SGR 1350 1350 -40 1.2.1 1.0 1900 x 1590 x 2300
SGR 1650 1650 -40 1.2.1 1.0 1900 x 1590 x 2300
SGR 1950 1950 -40 1.2.1 1.0 2250 x 1660 x 2690
SGR 2250 2250 -40 1.2.1 1.0 2250 x 1660 x 2690
SGR 2750 2750 -40 1.2.1 1.0 2250 x 1870 x 2870
SGR 3500 3500 -40 1.2.1 1.0 3000 x 2200 x 3200
SGR 4000 4000 -40 1.2.1 1.0 3000 x 2200 x 3200

Heat regeneration eliminates compressed air losses

Airpol designed SGR heat regenerated adsorption dryers ensure continuous delivery of high quality compressed air, free from moisture and – to a great extent – from solid particles and oil. In these devices, the regeneration of the bed with which the columns are filled takes place by blowing with heated air taken from the environment. The use of a blower with an air heater eliminates the loss of compressed air which is used for regeneration of the adsorbent in the amount of only 3%.

Constant pressure dew point and maximum drying accuracy

The adsorption and regeneration processes in the SGR dryer columns take place alternately and their frequency depends on the results of the pressure temperature measurement of the compressed air dew point at the dryer outlet.
The use of the dew point pressure temperature sensor enables the measurement and visualization of its actual value. By automatically controlling the dryer, the degree of drying is kept constant at a preset level, ensuring the desired compressed air quality.

Intelligent microprocessor control

Airpol adsorption dryers are equipped with a Siemens controller that optimises the drying process on the basis of current results of pressure dew point temperature measurement, ensures high energy efficiency of the device and adjusts its operation to changing operating conditions.
A remote monitoring function has been implemented in the controller via a built-in web server. This means that the user can view the status of the dryer from a web browser when the controller is connected to the local network. The dryer controller enables: observation of the current dryer status, reading of the current values of process parameters together with observation on the chart of their changes, modification of various types of settings, review of the list of events, reading of the current status of operating time counters, cycles, energy consumption, time to the next service, etc.

Airpol’s heat regenerated adsorption dryers are distinguished by:

  • High quality of compressed air with very low relative humidity, which effectively prevents condensation of water.
  • The installed compressed air filters significantly clean the compressed air providing a purity class of 1.2.1 according to ISO 8573-1.
  • Small drops in compressed air pressure thanks to application of large capacity tanks filled with adsorbent as well as supply and receiving manifolds with large diameter. This results in low compressed air velocity and therefore low pressure drop.
  • Ready for continuous operation to ensure uninterrupted supply of dry compressed air.
  • Simple design and easy to operate.
  • Intelligent control system to ensure energy efficiency and adapt dryer operation to actual conditions.

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