Airpol Roots-type blowers are widely used in applications requiring relatively high device capacities at low compression ratios. Blowers may operate as compressors with 1 bar overpressure or as vacuum pumps with up to 0.6 bar underpressure in the capacity range from 60 to 9800 m3/h.

Blowers are primarily used in:
– aeration systems in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants,
– water treatment stations,
– power industry: transport of ashes,
– loose material conveying systems,
– dust extraction systems,
– food industry: drying and vacuum packaging,
– gas recirculation systems to supply air for combustion processes,
– chemical and pharmaceutical industry: for conveying and separating granulates.

Blowers are configured individually depending on the required performance and pressure parameters. Please contact our specialists to find the ideal blower for your application.

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The operation of Roots blowers is based on the cooperation of two symmetrical three-wing rotors, which rotate in opposite directions. The drive shaft on which one of the impellers is mounted drives the shaft of the other impeller through a gear transmission, so that the operation of the impellers is synchronised and contactless.

When the drive shaft rotates, a defined volume of air is trapped between the casing and the impellers and passes from the suction side to the discharge side of the blower. At one full revolution of the drive shaft, the blower transports six volumes of air. While one of the volumes contained between the impellers is filled with air another is connected to a port through which the air is pushed out and compressed.

The blower adapts to the counter pressure in the receiving system (installation). The volumetric flow varies only slightly with changes in system pressure, the load moment at equal pressure is constant and the capacity is proportional to the number of rotor revolutions.




1- Motor, 2- Blower unit, 3 – Suction silencer, 4 – Discharge silencer, 5 – Safety valve, 6 – Compensator, 7 – Fan, 8 – Belt transmission, 9 – Belt tension, 10 – Pressure gauge



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