NGS-A adsorption nitrogen generators use the technology of adsorption on the carbon bed which fills columns of nitrogen generators. Modern nitrogen generators manufactured by Airpol are durable and functional devices. Investing in your own nitrogen generator allows you to be independent of suppliers and eliminates the need for logistics and cylinder storage. Nitrogen generators are used in industry, laboratories, R&D departments, pharmacy and medicine, as well as for pumping tires with nitrogen. Airpol specialists will design a customised nitrogen production line for you, depending on your specific requirements regarding nitrogen purity and quantity required for a given application. As we are an experienced manufacturer of nitrogen generators as well as compressors and compressed air treatment equipment, you can entrust us with the design, manufacture and installation of an entire compressed nitrogen production line that meets the highest quality standards.

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NGS-A nitrogen generators designed and manufactured by Airpol are devices with unique technological solutions, providing full automation and the highest level of control. NGS-A generators remove oxygen from the compressed air stream, producing nitrogen of very high purity, up to 99.99%.  As compressed air flows through the carbon molecular sieve, smaller molecules of oxygen are trapped while larger molecules of nitrogen flow to the device outlet. The carbon sieve adsorbs oxygen to the point of saturation, which is when column regeneration is required. After switching the valves, compressed air is directed to the second column where adsorption takes place. The presence of the two carbon columns with a carbon bed allows continuous operation of the nitrogen generator, characterised by alternating adsorption and regeneration phases. Regeneration takes place by blowing the column with compressed nitrogen. In this column, the pressure is additionally lowered to atmospheric pressure, causing the adsorbed oxygen to be removed to the environment. The nitrogen obtained, with purity of up to 99.99% N2, can be stored in an external buffer tank as a reserve and used depending on the needs of a given application.

NGS-A generators are equipped with a set of filters ensuring additional purification of the compressed inlet air. Moreover, they are equipped with additional final filters to purify the nitrogen from any particles that might appear from the absorber.

To provide maximum efficiency and operational safety of the generator and to extend its service life, it is advisable to maintain the compressed air pressure dew point temperature at +3°C.


Scheme of recommended nitrogen generation system

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