ADP boosters as an integral part of the PET production line

Typically, production processes use compressed air with a pressure of up to 10 bar. In such cases, compressor stations equipped with screw compressors and an appropriately selected compressed air treatment line supply the factory with compressed air and ensure continuity of production.

There are also applications for higher pressure compressed air, for example in the food, chemical, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, where PET bottles are widely used. The popularity of these packaging, versatility of applications, ease of personalization and a fully automated production process mean that companies producing lines for the production of pet bottles constantly modernise their machines, automating production by selling their products worldwide. In order to carry out the blowing process, blow moulding machines need compressed air with a maximum pressure of 40 bar. The requirements for compressed air depend on the technical parameters of the individual blow moulding machine – the maximum size and number of bottles that are or can be produced on the machine.

Doprężacze ADP na linii produkcyjnej PET

Airpol offers devices dedicated specifically to these applications: piston compressors of the ADP series. These machines are used for compressing air fed from screw compressor with pressure from 7 to 13 bar to maximum pressure from 25 to 40 bar, depending on the requirements of a particular PET bottle production line.

It should be noted that boosters are never installed as stand-alone machines, they are always an integral part of the compressed air system. Upstream the boosters, there is a low-pressure system consisting of an Airpol screw compressor with a maximum pressure of up to 13 bar, an air receiver, a set of filters and a refrigeration dryer. At this point, the system is divided into two – the first part is a low-pressure installation which provides the compressed air needed to control the blow moulding machine and alternatively the installation can be distributed to supply compressed air-fed machines located in the production hall. The second part of the installation is compressed air that is boosted to 40 bar – the remainder of the system consists of a booster or a series of ADP series piston boosters, air receivers, a set of HP series filters and a high-pressure refrigeration dryer. The high-pressure compressed air thus prepared feeds the PET bottle blow moulding machine.

Wherever a system of two or more ADP series compressors is installed due to the high compressed air demand of 40 bar, an external controller is used. The controller’s task is to optimise the operation of the boosters in order to switch on individual machines depending on compressed air consumption of the blow moulding machine, to ensure even workload and to optimise energy consumption.

In order to meet the expectations of our customers, we manufacture several models of piston boosters that respond to market demand. The smallest ADP 7 with a maximum pressure of 30 bar has its own 150 litre capacity and is designed for relatively small blow moulding machines. Larger boosters deliver compressed air at 40 bar. Models ADP15 and ADP22 are frame-mounted, while the ADP45 and ADP55 have sound-absorbing enclosures that effectively eliminate noise. All boosters are designed for heavy duty applications and can operate continuously under constant load. They feature full automatic operation including protection against lack or loss of lubrication.

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